Can't punctuate, spell, or know grammar? No problem.

Today there are competent applications to edit these.

So, you can write tension-free.

Students tell me one of the most enjoyable parts of the course is

hearing each others stories.

In  class, you will...

learn how to overcome obstacles to your writing goals;  

learn how to keep your readers turning pages;

share your stories with others (optional);

get and gve supportive feedback (optional);

receieve optional critiques and text edits

based on studies of the manuscripts of successful writers.

     By the end of the course, you will have written five short texts. (optional)    

You will have received five professional critiques and edits. (optional)  

Each course includes 12 hours of class time, 5 edits, and a workbook.          

Classes are two-hours long, one day per week during a 6 week period.


Cost    1250 pesos (4-5 students)

1500 pesos (3 students)


When's the best time to begin writing?

Start before you're ready.

                                                 -  Steven Pressfield

My Great-Grandmother Zรถe's kerosene lantern got us through hurricanes when the power went out and the winds howled.

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Everyone has life stories.

Have you ever dreamed of writing yours

but don't know where or how to begin?

Write Like a Pro is a unique opportunity to get started in a warm, supportive environment. Just come to listen or dive in.

Whether your tales are heart-breaking, inspiring, or hilarious,

each one is unique to you.


Girl's Bicycle  1950's