Dear Readers,

     My writings are steeped with the rich flavors of dark, spicy gumbo, sweet-potato pie, and homemade wine.

     Growing up with the mutually-exclusive influences of New Orleans and Louisiana Cajun French cultures, my life expresses these cultures as I experienced them.  

     I came to writing full time after an 18-year career in private practice psychotherapy, which enhanced my understanding of human nature and behavior. Prior to this, I taught English for eleven years. 

     At present I'm working on two projects: True Inklings; Diary of a Hard-Headed Woman and Fire in the Belly; Story of an Women’s Burial Grounds.  

     The first is a collection of literary vignettes or true inklings about my life story. I believe everyone’s life is worthy of attention––no matter who they may be. And, it is from this perspective that I write. True Inklings.

     The second work is the story of the ancient women’s burial grounds on Dauphine Island, Alabama. I spent much time learning about these women with the spiritual aid of my teacher over the past twenty years.


      Connie Hebert holds  a Masters of Social Work with a major in Private Practice from Louisiana State University  (Baton Rouge, LA) and a Bachelor of Arts in English-French Education from (ULL) University of Louisiana at  Lafayette (Lafayette, LA).  

    She grew up between New Orleans and Southwest Louisiana, enjoying the best of both worlds.

     Having to take an early retirement for medical reasons, she has turned to her passion for writing.  

    Two of her works in progress include:  True Inklings; Diary of a Hard-Headed Woman and Fire in the Belly; Story of an Ancient Women’s Burial Grounds.  

    She founded True Inklings in the Spring of 2009 to showcase her works in progress.  

     She has published True Inklings for the past seven years; guest blogs at WOW-Women on Writing, and small literary prose pieces in online journals.  


Connie Hebert, BA, MSW